Commemorative conference of the district staff for emergency situations of the Nišava Administrative District

A commemorative conference of the district staff for emergency situations was held in the Nišava Administrative District, for the occasion of the International day of civil protection, March 1. The head of the Administration for Emergency Situations, Srđan Mitrović, held a presentation containing a short analysis of the achieved level of development and organization of protection and rescues in the area of the administrative district, as well as, the achieved degree of development and training of specialized units of CP and the readiness of the local self-governments to react in emergency situations. The importance of this sector and the situations where the administration helped and where it could help was presented.

The president of the City Parliament, the representatives of the local self-government, the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Environmental Protection attended the commemorative conference, besides the members of the staff for emergency situations, whose chief is the head of the Nisava Administrative District Dragana Sotirovski and the mayor of Niš.

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