All about Nis

All you need to know about Niš

It is known that Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and one of the largest in Serbia.

Niš is often called the gate of the East and West, and the intersection of the Balkans because it connects the western and northern Europe with the southern Europe and the Middle East.

It is located on European Corridor 10.

Niš is connected with the world, not only with the road and railway transport, but also with the air traffic through the airport “Constantine the Great”, which is becoming an increasingly importanct for both passenger and cargo traffic.

It is one of the major centers, in addition it is the economic, traffic, cultural, sports, health and tourist center of southeastern Serbia.

Niš is in many ways known beyond the borders of our country on a modern and increasingly European city.

With 13 faculties it is one of the leading university centers in Europe.

The University of Niš is the scientific, economic and cultural center of South-East Serbia and Europe.

Niš is marked by a tumultuous history and a centuries-old struggle for freedom and survival testified by ancient historical buildings.

The Medijana was the summer residence of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in the fourth century.

Naissus or Nissa is the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. An archaeological site of the imperial palace with Roman baths and impressive floor mosaic is located here, because of which Niš is now called the Imperial City.

tvrdjavaThe fortress is the most beautiful and best preserved Turkish building from the 17th century in the middle Balkans. It was built on the right bank of the Nišava, at the site of former Roman military fortifications. It has a seven-corner base and five towers, and inside is made up of of hammams and a powder magazines.

hamamToday a part of the fortress is converted into galleries and trendy restaurants.

celekulaThe Skull Tower is a unique monument in the world,  raised from the skulls of Serbian rebels by the Turks after the Battle of Čegar.

Čegar is a monument near Niš. This place in 1809 was immortalized by the brave military leader Steve Sinđelić.

Monument to the Liberators of Niš was erected in the center of Niš in memory of the struggle for liberation during of 1809-1918.

Bubanj Memorial Park is where patriots and folk fighters were executed in World War II.

The Red Cross memorial concentration camp  “12. februar” is dedicated to the victims of the Second World War.

The King Alexander Karadjordjević I Monument was erected in honor of his name and work.

Among the interesting complex and individual buildings the old neighborhood Kazandžijsko sokače from the 18th century stands out. From the first half of the 20th century the west side of the square of King Milan, the house of the merchant Andonović, the Court building, City Hall, Banovina, National Theatre, National Museum and Library are charasteristic.

kalca gorca

The new architecture of the city is represented by the business centers Kalča, Gorča, Dušanov bazar and Ambasador, Mega-centers Tempo, Mercator, Forum trade center and many other commercial and residential buildings.

A spiritual understanding of the occurrence of the Slovenian origin and the Orthodox Serbian population in this region can be witnessed by numerous monuments and temples that are also a recognizable part of the ambiance and environment. These are the Cathedral, the Church of St. Nicholas, St.. Panteleimon, St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel and the church of St. Ilija in Niška Banja. Today, in the park St.Sava there is the church of St. Constantine and Helena, and on the Delijski vis there is a glebe of the Hilandar monastery, as well as the church of the Holy Trinity near Niš. 

Over the centuries, as well as today other religious communities have lived in Niš, as evidenced by their religious sites, the Niš mosque, the Catholic Church, and the Synagogue.

In the area of cultural happenings, the city of Niš can boast with its numerous events of international and domestic importance: Film Festival, Choir Festival, Art Colony Sićevo, Nišville Jazz Festival, Musical October Festival Nisomnija, Book Fair and others.

Of importance are also constant and numerous exhibitions of fine artists at the Gallery Serbia, Niš Cultural Center Gallery and Salon in the Fortress.


The National Theatre and Puppet Theatre plays have won numerous awards both in the country and abroad.

Many classical music concerts are held in the hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, which in the musical sense is the most important place where you can enjoy concerts of high artistic value.


Niš is a city of sport. The sports center Čair with its hall, football stadium, swimming pool complex, tennis courts, fitness center, ice rink is the location of the most significant sporting events.

Many athletes from Niš are winners of numerous medals from World and Olympic competitions.

Attractive tourist offers for recreation, hunting and fishing  recommend the Stara and Suva mountains, the valley of the river in the Nišava Gorge, Sićevo, Bojanine vode, Kamenički vis, plates and surroundings with beautiful mountains. These are areas of untouched nature and ideal places for many extreme sports.

The catering niche is known outside our country, and this is what makes it special. Niš numerous establishments where traditional dishes are served with grilled, baked goods and national Serbian cuisine such as Nišlisjka tavern, American, Sinđelić and many others.

In Kazandžijsko alley and Obrenoviceva street there are many restaurants and cafés and are a favorite of many places Nišlija.

In Nis are also located and are representative buildings such as hotels and Alexsndar My place to have high-class facilities and a good recommendation for guests who require exclusive stores with associated content, have a modern European style with a range of domestic and foreign guests.

A representative of the Club Regent PC Gorča offers apartments with modern, cocktail bar, conference room offers superb cuisine in an exclusive restaurant.

Guests can use the hotel and camping Nais with stylish restaurants, sports and recreational facilities alongside the highway Belgrade-Niš and hotel complex Ozren in Niska Banja. That the spa was known since ancient times and tells the site of the Roman and Turkish baths, which now houses a modern health center institute with its facilities Radon, Zelengora and Terme. Nska spa and health center are an important center in the development of international and congress tourism.

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