Administrative Service

Графички приказ стручне службе НУО

The Administrative Service of the Nišava Administrative District includes legal-normative jobs for the needs of:

– the inspectors, the head of the district and other executors in the field of:

  • financial and material affairs
  • operational administrative affairs
  • typographical work
  • office jobs and archival work
  • technical and auxiliary jobs

-the citizens

  • duties of the archive

The Administrative Service of the Administrative District, especially the section relating to the archive, bases its work on the procedures and processes that are encompassed in the Regulation on Office Operations of the State Administration and in the duty to perform common affairs for all inspection services in the Administrative District, as well as, citizens, and natural and legal persons. The parties can address the district through various submissions (request, complaint, report, appeal), which are submitted to the register, where they are recorded and forwarded to further jurisdiction of the acting services, that is, inspections, and the head of the administrative district. All cases that arise in the work of the district regional units are registered at the archive.

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