Natural Resources of Niš

  suva_planina_1 Suva planina Mountain belongs to the CarpathoBalkan Mountains that stretch of the river Danube in the north to ZAPLANJSKALužička valley and mountains Ruj  in the south. In the east, going from the Bulgarian border and west to mountain of Morava large rocks. A diverse geological structure due to which are rich in various ores and minerals.

Trem is the highest peak Suva Planina mountain, 1810 meters high and stands opposite Sokolov stone that is 1361 meters high. Both the top of the right artwork nature incurred in the distant past the Earth. On the north side cut off the sharp edges of the stone while the southern side covered with rare vegetation, grass and low bushes of juniper with partial rocky parts. Every year on St. Vitus Day (28 June) mountaineers Niche traditionally organized night climb to the highest peak of the mountain Suva, Trem.sokolov_kamen_2

Climbing tour starts from the point at the mountain lodge Bojanine water that is about 960 meters n / v and moving towards the village Kosmovac and then after about a mile turn right on the road in the woods covered in tall beeches where encounters supply which is only the last of the way. The path goes gently through the forest with a relatively intermediate slope which is increasing as we approach the town or a plateau between Sokolov stone and Trem known as Maiden’s tomb in 1317 meters above sea level.

solokov_kamen_3About two hours it is necessary to Devojački  stone (grave) arrives at the top of Trem and overcome the height difference of about 500 meters above sea level. The view is impressive, the view extends to the massif of Stara Planina with high Midžor, the chain slightly lower the Svrljig Mountains, adjacent to Sokolov stone behind which looms valley and the city of Niš. Also on the northeastern side aspect extends to Babičko mountain beneath which extends Zaplanje, while behind these slopes see Leskovac and Vlasotince east of it, means almost the entire southeastern Serbia on the palm.sokolov_kamen

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