Transfer of duty

A ceremony was held in the Nišava Administrative District on the occasion of the handover of duties of the former hear Dr. Aleksandar Cvetkovic and the newly elected head Dragana Sotirovski, appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on December 27, 2017.

The presidents and representatives of local self-governments from the area of the Nišava Administrative District, heads of inspection services and representatives of the veterans’ associations attended the ceremony, in the presence of numerous press teams.

The new head of the Nišava Administrative District emphasized at the handover of duties that one of the most important tasks would be a better cooperation with the local governments, solving the problems of the inspection services and a greater engagement in the IPA cross-border cooperation projects.

It was also announced that it would soon be known which days of the month the head of the Nišava Administrative District would receive citizens for conversations.

The former Chief of the Nišava Administrative District, Dr Aleksandar Cvetkovic, who had been in that position for nine years, was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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