Reception for female journalist on International Women’s Day

The Nišava Administrative District held a reception for journalists of national, regional and local media outlets. Twenty-eight members of the Fourth Estate came to the gathering and talked about the position of female journalists with the head of the Nišava Administative District, Dragana Sotirovski. The journalists also brought up problems they had with gathering information from the district’s site, as well as, with a difficult rapport with the inspection departments. The chief pointed out that the site needed to be redesigned and modernized and promised an easier cooperation with the inspectors. The media were filled in abou the plan to start publishing electronic records and about other interesting topics. The journalist who had to honor to join in on the March 8 celebration work for RTS, RTV, N1, TV Zona Plus, Belle amie, TV Kopernicus, NTV, Beta, Niške vesti, Južne vesti, Megafon, Jug press, Jug Media….

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