Vice president of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure visits the Nišava Administrative District

Vice president of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Professor Zorana Mihajlovic visited the Nišava Administrative District with her associates. The mayor, presidents of all 5 city municipalities and 6 units of the local self-government attended the meeting. There were talks about the concrete problems with which the municipalities had been facing on the territory of the Nišava Administrative District, and which are in the domain of the Ministry of the Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

The reconstruction of important state roads is the priority of the Municipality of Aleksinac, Doljevac and Razanj. The director of the company for road construction, Zoran Drobnjak, emphasized that the part of the mentioned infrastructure was going to be included in this year’s realizations plan. The biggest problem in Svrljig was the railroad pass at the entrance of the municipality, which did not have any secured sound or light signalization to alert the coming of the train on the main railroad from Niš to Zaječar. The director of “Railroads of Serbia” promised that this problem would be solved in one week. The problem of the countryside water-system, which almost all of the municipalities of the Nišava Administrative District have, will be the main topic of the meeting that will take place next week in Belgrade and which every president of the local self-governments will attend. Among the topics and problems that were presented to the Vice president of the Government at the Nišava Administration District, there was not only the application of the Law of Legalization of Objects, register of addresses, but also the regional landfill, with which the municipalities of the Nišava Administration District and the city of Niš have had problems for more than five years now.

The Vice president of the Government continued the meeting in Niš at the City Hall, where they talked about the problems of the City of Niš, and after that a reception for the citizens was held.

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