Access to Information of Public Importance

The request for the access to the information of public importance relating to or arising in connection with the work of the Professional Service may be submitted:

  • In written form to the address: Nišavski upravni okrug (the Nišava Administration District), 18000 Niš, Strahinjića bana bb, or in person by handing over a written request to the registry office of the district, 3rd floor, office number 24, from 7,30-15,30 on workdays, at the same address.
  • By e-mail to the address:;
  • By word of mouth, to the registry book at the Professional Service of the district, at the mentioned address to the person authorized to act on the request (Jovanović Boban), 3rd floor, office number 24.

There is no fee for requesting access to the information.

Anybody can request access to the information.

The reason for requesting the information must be stated in the request.

The right can be achieved by gaining an insight into the document, by copying it or by providing an electronic version of the document.

The authority is duty-bound to inform the applicant about the possession of the information, give them an insight into the document which has the required information, that is, to issue or give them a copy of that document without delay, and at the latest within 15 days from the day of receiving the request. The copy of the document is sent to the applicant on the day of leaving the registry office of the body from whom the information was requested.

If the request is pertaining to the information that can be presumed to be of importance to the environmental protection or to the freedom of a person, that is, for the endangerment or protection of the health of the population and the environment, the authority must notify the applicant about the possession of that information, give him an insight into the document which has the requested information, i.e. to issue a copy of that document to them no later than 48 hours from receiving the request.

If the authority is not able to, for justified reasons, inform the applicant within the deadline about the possession of the information, give him insight into the document with the requested information, to issue, that is, to give him a copy of that document, it is obliged to inform the applicant about this, no later than seven days from the date of receiving the request and to set a subsequent deadline, which should not be longer than 40 days from the day of receiving the request.

If the authority does not fulfill the request within the deadline, the applicant can file an appeal to the Commissioner, except in the cases specified by this Law. 

It is important to clearly indicate in the request which information is wanted, that is, to what exactly it refers to, i.e. the most precise description of information, the name of the authority and information about the applicant (name and surname, address, phone number and other contact details) and about the method of delivering the information. The request must contain reasons for the request, as well as, other details which could ease the process of finding the information.

You can find more detailed information about the right to access information on the internet page of the commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection,

On that page you can find a request form for the access to information, as well as, a form for a  complaint in case that the request is not met.

 Below are examples of forms for filing requests and complaints:

Град Ниш Општина Алексинац Општина Дољевац Општина Гаџин Хан Општина Мерошина Општина Ражањ Општина Сврљиг