Dragana Sotirovski was born on December 8, 1973 in Aleksinac. She graduated from the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and received her Master’s Degree in Tourism at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics in Niš. From 1992 she worked as a journalist at the third channel of RTB, and from 1993 as a reporter in the editing section of the Morning and Belgrade TV Programme. She became a correspondent in Niš for RTS in 1997.

Dragana authored numerous informative pieces, documentary and travel shows, and films from Serbia and abroad (Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, North America, India, Russia, South China Sea). From 2011, until 2017 she worked as the editor of the Correspondence Office of RTS in Niš. Dragana is one of the rare journalists who had the privilege to film the scientists at the Royal Institute for Regenerative Medicine „Prince Philip“ in Valencia, as well as, American scientists at the Research Center in Irvine, California. As a news reporter she reported on critical situations from almost all parts of Serbia and also from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

She completed her career doing activism work in various organizations and commissions, as well as by improving her knowledge and skills in various training programs organized by BBC. She has been awarded with numerous journalistic awards and recognitions during her successful long-standing work:

2009. Interfer – Sombor in the Documentary programs category, 2nd prize

2009. International Festival of TV bulletins “Press Vitez” – Zrenjanin, silver medal in the category of informative bulletins

2011. Special award at the international Author’s Film Festival of countries in the Danube region “Profest”

2012. Third prize at the International Author’s Film Festival of countries in the Danube region “Profest”

2012. Second prize at the international Bulletin Festival “Press vitez” in Novi Sad, in the category of informative miniatures

2013. Grand Prix at the International Author’s Film Festival of countries in the Danube region “Profest” for the documentary “Soul of the Tripoint”

2013. Golden medal from the Hunting Association of Serbia for the media action to save wild horses at Vlasina

2013. Special award at the festival “Bratina” in Moscow for the documentary “Soul of the Tripoint”

2014. May Accolade from the Municipality of Svrljig for reporting about that municipality

2014. Recognition from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for giving information

2014. Research about the Specialized Hospital, one of the three nominated papers for the investigative journalism NUNS prize

2015. Recognition for reporting from flooded Tekija

2015. Citizen Activism Award “Šetač 2014” in the media field

2015. Annual Award of the Local Anti-Corruption Forum of Niš for a series of articles on corruption in healthcare and education

2015. Annual recognition of the Anti-Corruption Agency for a series of articles on corruption

2015. Accolade of Captain Miša Anastasijević for a creative and committed contribution to public informing

2015. First place award “Zlatna Nika” for the show ” Way of Hope” about the migrant crisis in the Balkans, Interfer-Sombor

2015. Grand Prix at the Festival “Press vitez” in Zrenjanin for a TV bulletin

2017. Series of stories about nepotism at the Health Center in Kuršumlija, one of the three nominated papers for the Investigative Journalism NUNS Prize

2017. Award for journalistic courage “Milan Pantić”

2017. “Vojnička sablja” for the cooperation with the Army of Serbia

She is a NUNS certificate media coach and a member of the Serbian Lobbying Society. Married and a mother of three children.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has appointed Dragana Sotirovski on December 27, 2017 as the head of the Nišava Administrative District, headquartered in Niš.

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