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лого Нишавског управног округаAdministrative district is the regional center of the state administration, which includes district regional units of public administration bodies that are established for the area. Nišava Administrative District was established in 1992 under the Regulation on the manner of performing the duties of ministries and special organizations outside their headquarters ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 3/92) and its transformation into Nišava District is made on the basis of the Regulation on Administrative Districts ("Official .glasnik RS ", No. 15/06). Nišavski district consists of the city of Niš and the Municipality of Aleksinac, Doljevac, Merošina, Razanj, Gadzin Han and Svrljig as Medijana, Pantelej, Red Cross, Palilula and Niska Banja. The seat of the administrative district of Nis in Nis, Strahinjića bana street no number.


Град Ниш Општина Алексинац Општина Дољевац Општина Гаџин Хан Општина Мерошина Општина Ражањ Општина Сврљиг